Hi! I’m Eliza,


the passionate weirdo behind Dorky Little Homestead (along with my dorky, tech genius hubby, Mike, and our gaggle of animals.) On this site I want to share with you simple, wholesome Recipes, tips about Gardening and Homesteading, and all of our adventures in Self Sufficiency.

Eliza and Mike

This blog is a long time coming for me. I have been dreaming of having my own little Homestead, being self sufficient, and sharing my passions with others for a very long time (we’re talking nearly 10 years!).

Chef Eliza, circa. 2009

Over that time I have been working and learning in all parts of the food industry; Cordon Bleu trained Chef, Butcher, Baker, Chocolate Maker. I’m a general skill building junky to be honest. I have expanded my skills and knowledge base at every chance I get. To the point that I now have an absurd number of hobbies that I am eager to share.

The happy Homestead couple

When Mike and I met, we immediately fell in love with one another’s passion. Mike has the same intense drive to learn and teach others, but his skill sets fall into the Tech field. And when I say Tech I don’t just mean computers. The man is a machine whisperer! Is it broken? He’ll open it up, see how it’s supposed to work, improve it, and fix it then put it back together. (After probably programming it to be automated from our phones. Duh.) And he loves the idea of being self sufficient!


“Why would I buy that when I can build it myself?”


Tech Genius at work!

After far too many years of renting in the city (and not being allowed to change/improve our house!) in 2018, we finally found our own little slice of the world. (Lovingly named Red Foot Farm, after our totally sweet red footed tortoise) Now both Mike and I can let our passions run wild! I finally have my vegetable garden, which is constantly growing, my little flock of chickens and am quickly filling our home with homemade booze, bread, cheese and more! Mike? He’s turning our house into something out of the coolest Sci-Fi out there. Forget those store bought home automation things, he has programmed and built ours himself, all controlled by our phones. Not to mention some very sleek automatic lighting, and a fully functioning habitat for our tortoise!

Our moto is Why would I buy it if I can build/make it myself? We hope you find the same passion and join us, getting excited (and dorky!) about becoming more self sustaining.IMG_20180912_130855

Thanks for stopping by!