Whole Chicken

Butchering a Chicken

It's easier than it sounds. First of all, this post is about butchering a chicken not slaughtering a chicken. There's ...
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Winterizing the Chicken Tractor

If you keep your chickens in a fully fledged building with insulation and real walls etc. then you’re all set ...
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Drying Herbs In a Dehydrator

This post contains Affiliate Links. If you make a purchase through a link, I will receive a small commission at ...
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Homemade Hard Cider Making: Part 2

Fermenting and Bottling This is a follow up to Part 1 of Making Hard Cider. Missed Part 1? Check it ...
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Homemade Hard Apple Cider: Part 1

Why make cider? In Ontario, apples are a big deal. We have a particularly good climate for growing them. So ...
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Cloth Banded Cheddar Cheese

This is my first attempt at making Hard Cheese of any kind. It is also my first full use of ...
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Cheese Press

Cheese Press Construction!

We're building a Cheese Press! I love the idea of making my own cheese. Up to now, I have only ...
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