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10 Gift Ideas for the Foodie in Your Life

This year has brought about a lot of new things in our lives. And though a lot of those things ...
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Yoghurt Cheese

Yoghurt Cheese is a really fun, and easy alternative to cream cheese. It doesn’t take any special skills or techniques ...
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Baked Coconut Chicken Strips

Homemade chicken strips always used to feel like a big undertaking to me. Then I actually started making them, and ...
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Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries always remind me of eating out in the summer on a patio. But since that wasn’t a ...
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Peppermint S’mores Jars

S’mores are the classic summertime campfire treat, but don’t you sometimes want them when it’s cold? I know I do! ...
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Homemade Fig Newton Cookies

Fig Newton cookies are, in my humble opinion, a very underrated cookie. We didn’t buy them often when I was ...
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Sourdough Sandwich Bread

Having a good sandwich bread in your repertoire of recipes is always a good call. Although classic rustic sourdoughs, and ...
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Meatballs in Red Pepper Sauce

Meatballs are a favourite around here, but we don’t actually make them that often. So when we do, it’s important ...
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Simple Pickled Onions

Pickling onions was one of the first things I ever tried in the preserving world. And the result obviously led ...
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