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Simple Charcuterie Board for Two

As we’re coming up to Thanksgiving in this very strange year, I know a lot of people who are celebrating ...
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Green Tomato Salsa

The end of the growing season in Ontario means lots and lots of green tomatoes. And that means, Green Tomato ...
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Scalloped Potatoes

Scalloped potatoes are somehow both fancy and rustic. Layers of buttery potatoes, with onions, a bit of cheese and some ...
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12 Easy Quarantine Recipes

What a year. So far 2020 has brought a lot of hardship and has found people trapped at home almost ...
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How To Make Your Own Chili Powder

Drying and grinding your own chili powder is one of the easiest ways to preserve hot peppers. If you’re a ...
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Challah: My Not Traditional, But Very Yummy Version

The traditional Jewish bread Challah is definitely one of the most recognizable of the breads. It also happens to be ...
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Peach Tart with Almond Cream

When August and September roll around in Ontario, that means it’s Peach Time! Growing up in Southern Ontario I think ...
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Mocha Chocolate Mousse

If you need a luxurious dessert, look no further than chocolate mousse. But don’t think that this delicious treat is ...
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Roasted Garlic Oil (& Storing roasted garlic!)

Roasted garlic oil is a simple and delicious way to add an extra boost of flavour to any meal. By ...
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