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10 Gift Ideas for the Foodie in Your Life

November 25, 2020

10 Gift Ideas for the Foodie in Your Life


This year has brought about a lot of new things in our lives. And though a lot of those things are stressful or scary, there is always a light in the darkness. This year has seen a huge number of people take up new hobbies, and learn new skills. I’ve been so happy to hear about lots of people getting into the cooking game and really making the most of their time at home. So I thought with gift giving season approaching, I’d put together a list of my top 10 Gift Ideas for the (new) Foodie or Foodies in your life!

A list of Foodie Gift ideas, perfect for the new and old food enthusiasts in your life.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links I will receive a small commission at no cost to you, and you’ll be helping the homestead. Thanks!

Before we jump into this list of Foodie Gifts, a few notes.

First; I’ve got pictures of my own tools in this post (except the mixer, which was out for repairs on photo shoot day) and they aren’t all gorgeous! Surprise, life is a bit messy and can wear out tools. So please no judgements on my tools looking used, and well loved. Second; I have owned a lot of these tools for a very long time, and can’t find links to the exact ones that I have. A few were gifts from long ago so those I really don’t know where they came from. I am however giving links to products that I’ve used and liked. Thankfully working in kitchens means I have access to tool brands that I don’t own and know they are good from experience.

So in no particular order, On with the Foodie Gifts!

1. Immersion Blender

If you’re familiar with the page you’ll know how much I love my immersion blender. I use this thing very frequently, and love it. When I lived in apartments, and didn’t have counter or cupboard space, this was a perfect replacement for a food processor and blender. Blending soups, making pesto, and salad dressings. I adore it, and regularly will try to talk them up to folks I’m sure don’t care.

2. Kitchen Scale

Kitchen scales are SO useful. Weighing out ingredients for things like bread, and pastries can make or break the recipe. I can’t stress enough how helpful it is to own a kitchen scale. If your getting this Foodie Gift for someone who’s short on space, then this one is great. It’s compact, but can expand out to hold larger items. I’ve had it for years now and have never had issues with accuracy, and only changed the battery once despite using it literally everyday.

3. Oil Bottle Spouts

These are a bit of a weird one that honestly makes such a difference. I buy for myself and am gifted a lot of fancy oils. And that’s awesome. But they all come with rustic corked tops and not great necks for pouring. The last thing I want is to spill any of my tasty fancy oil! So I bought these! They come in a 5 pack and fit standard bottle necks. I hold onto the cork tops in a drawer in case I need to travel with my oil (it happens, okay!). And use these on the day to day. They’re a perfect stocking stuffer.

4. Bench Scraper & Bowl Scrapers

I don’t think you can ever have too many of these. Again, these are great little gifts and make a good combo gift. The scraper that you see in the picture is coming up on 12 years old, and I don’t know where I bought it exactly, but it was when I lived in Scotland. The one I have linked to is the style we use at work, and they’re perfect. They’re also slightly easier to clean than my wooden one. I always recommend having multiple bowl scrapers, and the set I’ve linked to is a set of 4, in different shapes. Have the multiple styles is more helpful than you might think.

5. Ice Cream Scoops with Trigger Handle

ice cream scoop foodie gift

These seem unnecessary until you get them. Oh my gosh, I use them for so much. Ice cream, obviously, but also for scooping my sourdough starter. Scooping cookie dough into perfect rounds. Measuring out sour cream, or cream cheese. Moving any goopy substance from one container to another basically. They’re so great, and come in all sizes. I like this set of three for starting because it covers a lot of bases.

6. Bread Lame (Pronounced Lam)

This one is a little more specialized for folks who really got into bread making in quarantine. It’s essentially a razor blade on a thin handle, used to slash patterns into the tops of bread loaves. This can be done with a knife if you are skilled but it’s so much easier to get pretty cuts with one of these. It always feels like a very special and secret tool, even though all bakers own one. It’s like if you have one, you get to be part of the club. Maybe that’s just me!

7. Magnetic Knife Rack

knife rack foodie gift

Apartment cooks! This one is for you! Now counter space for a big block? Don’t like throwing your beautiful knives into a drawer! Hang them on the wall! I seriously love this one so much. The perfect Foodie Gift. I wasn’t going to include that close up picture because this thing is so old and ratty. But then I realized that THAT is exactly why I should share it! I’ve had and loved this rack for over a decade. And the chubby handled knife above was the first knife to ever hang on it. *insert lovey dovey mom sigh*

8. Probe & Laser Thermometers

Like scales, thermometers are so crucial in so many aspects of the kitchen. I know there are all kinds of rockstar, hotshot chefs who go with their gut and just have a feel for things. But for starting out, and for everyday folks, thermometers are your friend. The laser one is great for the pizza oven, or for times when the probe just won’t reach. The probe pictured above is great for a lot of things including cheese making. But it’s more expensive than I think it was worth, and I have used a different style that I like more, and I’ve linked to that one. I’ll probably make the switch to that other style soon.

9. Blow Torch

Okay, this one is kind of just a fun one. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re buying your Foodie Gift for someone who’s jumped in whole hog, they’ll use it. But for standard home cooks, this one may be too out there! It is great for lighting the pizza oven, or the fire for syrup boiling season. It’s perfect for crisping up the tops of creme brulee or for these S’mores Jars. and honestly, I’m glad I have it, even if it’s a wee bit silly. Now the one above, again, I don’t know where I got it, and don’t even know what brand it is. So I’ve linked to one that I used in a few kitchens and in school.

10. Stand Mixer

the big foodie gift

And finally, the big one. Stand mixers are a luxury, and if you’re buying this as your Foodie Gift, I can only imagine that you love your foodie a WHOLE lot. I’ve used a kitchen aid mixer for about 13 years now, and I’m not familiar with other brands. So I have linked to the one pictured above, though it is a big purchase. They really do make so many aspects of baking a hell of a lot easier, and will last a very long time.

I hope this list has given you some good ideas, and I’m sure who ever you’re getting your Foodie Gift for will thank you with mountains of tasty treats. If you’ve got questions about any of my recommendations let me know! I’m always happy to talk shop in the kitchen.

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